Electric Scooter Dual Mode Brushless Controller


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Electric Scooter Dual Mode Brushless Controller 36V 48 60V 500W & Throttle kit


Note:Due to the fact that the throttle and controller are not produced in the same factory, the wiring is not completely matched. Buyers need to adjust the line order themselves, red to red, green to green, black to black connect Need to like this picture connect


36V-48V 500W, 48V-64V 500W controller can work with hall connect sensor or not connect hall sensor

Rated Voltage: 36V/48V/60V

Low Voltage : 31V/42V/52V±0.5V/

Rated Power: 500W

Limit Current: 30A


1. Self-learning

2. Cruise line

3. Reverse line

4. High brake

5. Low brake

6. 3-speed (low/middle/high)

7. Throttle

8. Electric lock

9. Hall line

10. LCD instrument line

11. Anti-theft power supply

12. Anti-theft signal

13. Battery (red battery+, black battery-)

14. Motor

15. Pointer meter line


1. Connect the motor line (color to color,if motor without hall line, don’t need connect hall line)

2. Connect the battery line(red: battery + , black:battery-)

3. Connect the controller throttle line to throttle, controller electric lock connect to throttle electric lock(if throttle not have electric lock, the electric lock 2 wires of the controller can be docked together)

4. Docking the two self-learning lines, the wheel will forward or reverse. (1. If wheel forward, separate the self-learning line. 2. if wheel reverse, separate the self-learning line. Docking the self-learning line again,if wheel forward ,Separate the self-learning line.) Self-learning is to adapt to the supply voltage.

5. Other functions can be connected as needed.

■ Size: (Lx D) 10 cm x 2 cm / 3.
■ Throttle Works Voltage: DC5V
■ Speed Adjusting Signal:0.8V~4.3V
■ Power display Voltage: DC 24V/350W/500W
■ Power display:
■ Normal: 23V above, 3 Led Green,
■ Half: 23V ~ 20V, Led Yellow,
■ Empty: 20V or less, Led Red
■ Rotation angle: 0 °~ 70 °
■ Working temperature: -20 ℃~ +50 ℃
■ Fits standard 7/8 inches(22.2mm) handle bars
■ Cable length is approximately 59 inches (1.5m)
■ Quantity: 2 pcs (1 Twist throttle grip and 1 normal grip (matching thumb grip) )
■ Electric Bike scooter twist throttle accelerator with power display, 5 led battery indicator.



  • Type: Controller
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • voltage: 36V/48V/60V
  • rated power: 500W
  • use for: electric bike/electric scooter
  • throttle: key lock
  • controller: brushless controller


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