eBike Throttle Controller 48V 60V 64V 1000W 1500W


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Electric Bike Brushless Controller & Throttle & Brake to Electric Controller 48V 60V 64V 1000W 1500W 


set 1:48V-64V 1000W 40A(48V-64V 1000W controller and throttle and electric brake)

set 2:48V-64V 1500W 45A(48V-64V 1500W controller and throttle and electric brake)


Throttle and electric brake wires is 150cm long, hole diameter is 22mm.

48V/60V 1000W/1500W controller can work with hall sensor/hall sensorless

Rated Voltage: 48V-64V
Low Voltage : 41V/52V±0.5V
Rated Power: 1000W/1500W
Limit Current: 40A/45A

48V-64V 1000W 1500W controller function
1. battery line
2. electric lock line
3. 3-speed line
4. Cruise speed line
5. high brake line
6. hall line
7.reverse line
8. low brake
9. Cruise speed line
10.self-learning line
11.throttle line
12. instrumentation line
13. Anti-theft power line
14. Anti-theft alarm line
15. motor line

Connect the motor line (colour to colour)
Connect the battery line (red:+ , black:-)
Connect the controller throttle line, electric lock(if throttle not have electric lock, connect controller electric lock to battery+ )
Connect the hall line(if motor without hall line, don’t need connect)
Docking the two self-learning lines, the wheel will forward or reverse.
(1. if wheel forward, separate the self-learning line. 2. if wheel reverse, separate the self-learning line. Docking the self-learning line again
if wheel forward ,Separate the self-learning line.)

Other functions can be connected as needed.




  • Type: Controller
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Controller type: dual mode brushless controller
  • Voltage: 48V-64V
  • Rated power: 1000W/1500W
  • Limit Current: 40A/45A
  • Low Voltage: 41V/52V±0.5V
  • Use: electric bike, electric scooter/tricycle/bldc motor
  • Size: 220*80*40mm


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