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Our Product Selections and Additions Is Satifaction Based Giving You The Ultimate Experience

“Our aim is to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction and services possible. We go above and beyond to insure that the only feedback you will give about us, will be a good one. We are confident of that”

Firstly and above all, we value honesty. We are importers of some of the best products on the market and It’s important that our visitors are aware of this. We have business relationships with our Chinese counter parts and our products are ordered directly from the factory, where they are manufactured and go through a rigorous quality control process before they leave the factory floor.

Most consumer item, are made and imported from overseas, mainly China. Even the Apple mouse I use to scroll down this page is made in China! As an importer, my job is to make sure the products I sell, are of utmost quality. So when compared to name brands, I discovered that the only difference was name and price. That was the day we decided to get those products out to consumers, saving them (you) thousands of dollars.

We love the products that we sell and quite often use our own new additions. We are so confident you too will love our products and we guarantee our words with a customer satisfaction money back guarantee.

What separates us from the rest?

If you ever purchased a product and was not satisfied whether wrong size or a defected, you may have experienced the loops you jump through in order to get a refund or an exchange of products. 

This is especially true for products purchased through Aliexpress, which is one of the biggest e-commerce market places. While there are some great products there, which you can buy for really great prices, all too often I hear of complaints. Some of these complaint are, but not limited to:


Dishonest sellers

Products shipped to wrong addresses


and the list goes on! Aliexpress is not governed by consumer laws which we have here, in Australia. So often times, wether you receive a defected product, or the product is not as described; you are often left with no resolve. There have also been so many cases, to where customers have lost money!

It’s a real pain!

We do all the main work, saving you time and frustration, while weeding out the dishonest sellers, or sellers that simply dishonour legitimate reasons for an exchange or refund.  We have seen it all! 

With PierreGo, we do what the competition often shy away from. We believe customers come first, no matter what. Of course, all is with our consumer laws and guidelines. Put simply, we do what they don’t!

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