mini secret camera

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  • Secret Micro Cam Record Audio & Video

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    Secret micro cam with audio recording. Surprisingly small, surprising video quality. Manual recording by the push of a button, or motion triggered recording. Optional with built in battery, or no battery. This secret micro cam can be placed almost anywhere and not be discovered. Great video audio quality, for such a small device.

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  • Mini Digital HD Camera and Flashlight

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    Here’s an idea! Have one of these in your top pocket, or even pants pocket, next time you hear that “great idea” your boss may have for you, at least you will have it all on HD video, so you wont need a repeat!

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  • Micro Cam Secret Wearable Mini Camera

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    This micro cam records both audio and video. It can be worn as an ornament or hidden in almost any small places. It has a built in 8 GB memory and can also house additional memory. It can record for approximately 120 minutes (2 hours), which is more than enough in most cases. The camera has wide angle viewing, so it’s not too fussy on where it’s placed.

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  • Mini Spy Cam HD Quality View Nature

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    This miniature WiFi camera is the best choice for monitoring a given area secretly. It can run for 10 hours after each charge. It houses a huge 1500mAh rechargeable battery. Monitor all activity and access live video and clear audio anywhere from your mobile phone. Video and audio is stored on a TF card for later viewing on your mobile. This camera is compact and easily hidden for covert operations, i.e., catch a cheating partner!

    You can hide it anywhere, access live video and audio direct to your mobile remotely, or retrieve the device to view stored data on the memory card. With a camera like this, secrets are not easy to hide!

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