Solar Charger Outdoor for CCTV Camera


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4W Waterproof  Solar Charger with Built-in 18650 Battery Outdoor 2m Cable Charged USB Type C DC5V 12V Powered For Security WIFI Camera

  • Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
  • Certification: CE
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Smart home platform: NONE
  • Power Supply: Normal
  • Installation: Side


*Only supports battery cameras (sleepable cameras)
* Support hunting camera
*12V2A cameras are not supported
*This item is a solar panel and does not include any cameras.
*The solar panel supports up to 6PCS batteries, due to shipping reasons, we can ship up to 2PCS batteries inside the panel.

Recommended Solar camera

If you want to buy a complete set of solar cameras, I suggest you choose a few models, all products have been discounted, we are a solar camera factory, which can be customized and developed. Welcome to consult! thanks

You can choose panels with different power

Choose according to your device power.
The higher the power, the faster the charging speed.


The 12V output panel cannot provide power for the 12V2A camera for a long time, please buy it carefully!The working time is approximately 8-10 hours.(It can power 12V low-power hunting cameras.)


1. IP66 waterproof design
2. Built-in 2 18650 batteries, single 3000mah, total capacity 6000mah.
3. Charged during the day to the battery to store electrical energy, it still provides a stable power output at night without being restricted by sunlight. Other solar panels do not include batteries and cannot provide power at night.
4. The power switch, power supply and charging indicator light are intuitive and obvious.
5. Vertical 120° up and down adjustment of the bracket to facilitate charging and improve conversion efficiency.
6. Monocrystalline silicon has better charging efficiency, and it can still be charged in rainy days.
7. The glass panel is easy to clean dust and not easy to be scratched.
8. Provide 5V2A or 12V/1A stable current to supply the equipment with stable and reliable power.
9. Battery reverse connection protection, effectively placing the battery reverse connection to damage circuit components.

Light explanation

Red light
On: The battery voltage is normal (above 2V)
Off: The battery is abnormal.
green light
Flashing (1 flash per second): charging (battery voltage between 2.8-4.0V)
Flashing quickly (1 flash every 0.5 seconds): charging failure
Slow flash (1 flash in 2 seconds): The battery voltage is below 2.8V.
Always on: The battery voltage is above 4.0V.
orange light
On: there is output voltage
Off: No output voltage

Built-in battery, it can still work at night.

Built-in 6000mah battery, it can still work at night.

IP66 waterproof

IP66 waterproof, use outdoors.

Battery choice

*18650 type battery (height must be 65mm)
*The positive electrode must have a conical cap
*Korea KC battery, cannot be used, please choose a battery with a height of 65mm. thanks

Charging precautions(NOTE)

1. For the first use, be sure to leave the panel without any equipment connected to it and charge it in the sun for more than 2 days.
2. Press the switch and the red light is on, indicating that the battery voltage is above 2.8V and placed in the sun. The green light is on to indicate that it is charging, and the green light is off to indicate that it is fully charged.
3.If the battery voltage is lower than 2.8V, in order not to affect the battery life, recharge, the panel will stop outputting voltage. Please restart the solar panel after charging.

Options 1 and 2

*The plug for option 1 and 2 is 3.5X1.35MM
*Power output 5V2A.
*Option 1 does not include battery
*Option 2 include battery,Battery capacity 6000mah.

Options 3 and 4

*The plug for option 1 and 2 is Micro-USB
*Power output 5V2A.
*Option 3 does not include battery
*Option 4 include battery,Battery capacity 6000mah.

Options 5 and 6

*The plug for option 1 and 2 is Type C
*Power output 5V2A.
*Option 5 does not include battery
*Option 6 include battery,Battery capacity 6000mah.

Options 7 and 8

*The plug for option 7 and 8 is 5.5*3.5MM
*Power output 12V1A.
*Option 7 does not include battery
*Option 8 include battery,Battery capacity 6000mah.

Can it be applied to those devices?

It can be connected with the following equipment and provide a stable power supply. Note: The purchase of this connection only includes solar panels and does not include the following equipment.



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