Folding Hexacopter Industrial Grade


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Pesticide Spraying Drone/Agricultural Unmanned Aircraft 5 Litre GPS Drone



Material Carbon fiber Carbon fiber Carbon fiber
Spread size 1.2*1.2*0.6m 1.8*1.2*0.7m 2.2*1.3*0.8m
Folded size 0.6*0.6*0.6m 0.7*0.7*0.7m 0.8*0.8*0.8m
No. of axles 6 6 6
No. of propellers 6 8 10
Rated load 5kg 10kg 15kg
Machine weight 5kg 9kg 11kg
Max. take-off weight 13kg 22kg 30kg
Flight time 10-25min 10-25min 10-25min
Flight radius 1000m 1000m 1000m
Flight height 0-200m 0-200m 0-200m
Flight speed 0-12m/s 0-12m/s 0-12m/s
Spray speed 0-8m/s 0-8m/s 0-8m/s
Spray flow 0.2-2L/min 0.2-2L/min 0.2-2L/min
Spray width 2m 2.5m 3m
No. of nozzles 4 4 6
Temperature range -10~70℃ -10~70℃ -10~70℃
Motor Brushless Brushless Brushless
Controller 9 channels 9 channels 9 channels
No. of battery 1pc 2pcs 2pcs
Product Description

High Quality UAV Sprayer/Agricultural Spray drone with GPS









JT Sprayer 15—15kg loading, 15L capacity, pesticide drone sprayer


Spraying drone is a new agriculture technology, mainly used for spray pesticides to crops, trees,

farm, gardens, orchards etc. It keeps farmers away from pesticides poisoning, save a lot of labor.

Drone sprayer fly very fast, 20~40 times spraying efficiency more than traditional spraying, save

a lot spraying time. JOYANCE agriculture drone sprayer adopt unique spray system design:

 EVERY NOZZLE UNDER THE PROPELLER, realize the biggest spray width, most efficient and

effective. It can assure the best coverage of your pesticides and fertilizers, increase your yield.



Futuba Remote Controller or Chinese famous brand RadioLink AT-9




Waterproof and dusterproof sealed board, to protect the inside parts from water, pesticide and dust.


Heavy duty brushless motor, strong power with perfect heat release, the temperature never over

50 degree after one spraying.


Imported from Italy, with ceramic spray core, the spray nozzle is durable.


HD fixed camera and 7″ screen —-you can see realtime image in front of the drone(optional function)


Automatic Intelligent Flight with Waypoints—convenient and safe(optional function)


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