Car Dash Cam 24 Hour Parking Monitor


This dash cam boasts remarkable video footage. Combined with G-sensor, recover the finest details, should it be needed. Record both front and rear of the vehicle when in motion. With 24-hour monitoring, you can rest assured to have all footage. With the built in WiFi app, downloading data to your phone is both easy and convenient. With 3m adhesive, the camera can stick to the windshield, where it is secured strong.



M17 Dash Cam 1080P HD Night Vision ADAS Car Dash Camera WiFi DVR Dual Lens Car Camera 24H Parking Monitor DVR


6-layer Full HD glass lens

Our DVR equipped with F2.0 aperture and 6 glass lens, it can greatly enhances night vision and obtain sharp, color-accurate images.


Functions of each lens:

1. Shrink the light

2. Correct the light

3. Block clutter

4. Increase penetration

5. Increase sharpness

6. Accurate color




ADAS is short for Advanced Driving Assistance System,The core of ADAS is a variety of sensors.


ADAS uses a variety of sensors installed in the car to collect environmental data inside and outside the car for technical processing, such as the identification, detection and tracking of static and dynamic objects, so as to enable driving The person perceives possible dangers in the fastest time.


According to statistics, ADAS can reduce the accident rate by 70%



How to connect to APP

There is Built-in Wifi inside the Dash-cam and you can connect to the ADZOME App on your smartphone.


On the APP. You can monitor traffic in real time with 0 flew. You can backup/download/save the video to your phone. You can lock the video via your phone. and many other functions.



Loop Recording

DVR Loop Recording refers to the segmented storage of videos taken by DVR by setting The length of recording time. When the memory card capacity is almost full, the newly recorded video will automatically overwrite the earliest video to avoid insufficient storage.


Don’t worry that the loop recording will overwrite the video data of the accident and cannot be used for evidence collection. Once an emergency occurs, the G-sensor will automatically enter the emergency state, lock the video screen, and store it separately without being overwritten.



24 Hours Parking monitor

This mode is designed to keep the car under monitoring / protection all the time while parking.


When entering the 24Hours Parking monitoring statement,the dash-cam Time-lapse Recording function will start automatically,The number of shooting frames decreased from 30 frames per second to 1 frame per second.


If hit by a collision, the dash-cam will automatically start recording one minute video and lock video.



Emergency lock the scene/video

When the G-sensor senses the collision of mutations, shaking, rising, falling, drop and other changes, the current video will be locked and will not be overwritten,unless you delete it yourself. ——————————————

You can also lock the video yourself by click the lock key if you want to store/keep the video.


G-sensor is a Gravity Sensing Image Recording Protection System.


G-sensor can record the gravity sensing information, when the vehicle is subjected to the collision of mutations, shaking, rising, falling, drop and other changes ,all changes will be converted into a radio signal by the sensor, and be passed to the processor, After analyzing and judging the acceleration value, the processor will record and consolidate the before and after time video, and locking the video to protection state. It will not be automatically deleted and overwritten in future recording.


The dash-cam will not return to normal operation until the sensor detects that the vehicle’s acceleration value is back to normal range.



Time-lapse Recording

The Dash-cam Time-lapse Recording is a function that you can set the number of shooting frames,Normal recording is 30 frames per second ,you can reduce to different number of shooting frames,lowest Time-lapse can be 1 frame per second.


Time-lapse Recording can reduce memory footprint and power consumption and extend the length of parking monitoring.


At last, Everything is subject to the operating manual, please read the operating instructions carefully.


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